Workers compensation insurance for hair salons is often very limited, but is dependent on each salon and the contractual relationship with their employees. Our insurance agents can discuss the details of your salons situation, and provide you with the best advice on your insurance needs.

Although regulations may supersede contract terms, generally, shops with multiple chairs qualify as multiple sole proprietorships rather than a single business with numerous employees. What workers compensation coverage will ultimately come down to is one thing.

The contractual relationship between employees and employer to determine the exposure and definitions of employee

Our agents can help you understand the relationship and what it dictates in terms of need for workers compensation insurance for your hair salon.

How Hair Dressers and Salons Can Avoid Injuries or Accidents

The details of your workers compensation needs may require a professional insurance agent, but the solution to keeping your hair salon safe for your beauticians is extremely simple. These measures can prevent the most common injuries hair dressers face.

  • Take A Break– The commonly repeated motions while standing on your legs all day put great strain on beauticians bodies. It is of utmost importance hair salons permit rest times for employees, to allow muscles to relax and brain to refocus on task at hand.

    Leg and back injuries are common. A simple precaution even as simple as putting a stool at the cash register for the salon staff to occasionally use, can bring a great deal of relief and prevent further injuries.

  • Care For Yourself– The most common injuries facing hair dressers are common cuts and scratches. Injuries are often minor but with little time to heal the potential for infection arrises. As difficult as it may become during busy hours to treat yourself, as easy as having basic first aid available to clean a cut and put a Band aid on the wound can prevent infections.

  • Wash Your Hands– Losses also can come from eye and skin irritants resulting from chemicals used for various services that are constantly being brushed on, sprayed, or applied directly with hands. Cleaning your hands often not only maintains good hygienic habits for customers, but prevents the chance of irritants damaging your skin or your eyes being exposed and irritated.

Southern States Insurance’s Word Of Advice

Workers compensation coverage for a hair salon business can be confusing to determine your need unless a professional is guiding you through the conversation. Your hair salon and hair beauticians need to be properly insured and you can not risk being insured incorrectly.

Our independent insurance agents will help you understand the best insurance for your needs and how workers compensation insurance coverage applies to your beauty salon.

Southern States Insurance will offer you a free insurance quote or just some practical insurance advice if that is what you need, but call us or request a quote to assure your insurance is correct for your hair salon’s needs.

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