As a hairstylist what do you plan to do if you suddenly face a lawsuit?

Beauticians face charges of legal suits due to loss of income, loss of happiness, and loss of financial opportunity when people blame their haircut as being a negative deciding factor in their life somehow.

You are responsible as the hairstylist to pay and face this lawsuit against you. You need a plan and general liability insurance

Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!

Hair holds a great amount of identity in it, and if someone feels they have been wronged they will do what it takes to “make it right.” You will likely face someone who will sue you for their haircut if you stay in the business long enough.

The protection you need as a hairstylist is beauticians errors and omissions which provides coverage in the event of a lawsuit and pays the legal fees you would face on your own.

Don’t Go Without This Protection

A simple mistake could easily occur to the next customer to walk in the door, they may have the most important day of their life planned for tomorrow.

A lawsuit can be crippling and cost an incredible amount of money (Multiple thousands of dollars and days of work). With out this common protection the court fees will be on you and your reputation and business could feel the effects.

Our Insurance Company believes this coverage is important to you for your success as a beautician.


We will give you a free quote on your hairstylist insurance, but if you are already insured or choose not to be insured through Southern States Insurance. You need this coverage!

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