To put it simply from the words of Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance, “We work to help people when bad things happen and before bad things happen.” He was explaining his job to his son and of course children’s terms need to be much more simplistic than all that is involved of our jobs as insurance agents.

Let’s focus on the last part of his explanation though, “BEFORE” bad things happen.

Some insurers research labs have recently worked on numerous ways to minimize risks. Researchers pour out their efforts to better understand how to reduce risk exposure for everyday situations and high risk environments.

We could make a full post with descriptive imagery to paint a picture of their research or show you a really cool video that does it much better.

We choose to show you this cool video on risk research.

Although, we do not have the luxury to do such extensive research, we work hard at Southern States Insurance to provide informative insurance blogs on ways to save and minimize risks.

Many of these scientific experiments are entertaining to watch. The efforts expended at the labs have an unquestionably serious purpose: to develop innovative ways to prevent losses and save the money—and lives—of policyholders. Our Georgia insurance agency is thankful for all of the research at the insurance labs of Chubb, FM Global and Liberty Mutual and countless others. The efforts in research multiply in ways we can work to protect our lives and those we love. We will pass along everything we learn to keep you and your family safe.