Life Insurance quotes are easy to get and the price you receive is based off of numerous variables.

In order to receive the best price (assuming you want to) we need to address the most influential factors that effect the cost of life insurance (We are right now).

The obvious breakdown points are:

  • Age (Youth more inexpensive)
  • Sex (Females more inexpensive)
  • Health conditions (Health more inexpensive)

All of these factors play a big role in life insurance, but there are more factors commonly unknown.

The Biggest Factors To Influence Price of Life Insurance

    #1 – SMOKING – Smoking drives up life insurance rates drastically. Early in life cost can increase from as much as 50% – 75% of a typical life insurance premium.

    Later in life, being a smoker multiplies the cost of your life insurance by an average of 4 or 5 times higher.

    #2 – HOBBIES– Your profession and leisure activities can contribute to higher life insurance premiums. Depending on what is common activity, if your insurance agency regards it as high risk you will likely notice in the cost.

    Hang gliding, owning an airplane and operating as a private pilot and professional or recreational sky divers will all see their prices spike.

    #3 – TRAVEL – It could be we are jealous that you get to see the world so we bump up life insurance rates for international travelers, but maybe there is something more to it. Although jealousy seems to make a good point.

    International travelers often entering and staying in dangerous countries will likely notice a raise in their life insurance costs. The added risk exposure is significant enough that prices are adjusted accordingly.

How To Find Good Life Insurance For All Circumstances

At Southern States Insurance, we take the time to get to know and understand the risks our clients face and can help you find the best life insurance coverage at the cheapest cost possible – for almost every circumstance.

Our life insurance agent can help you understand when is the best time to buy life insurance and how we can provide valuable guidance in the decision making process.

The factors most commonly sited for determining life insurance rates are age, sex, and health but there are others that often can be forgotten.

If you want to learn what it would cost for you to have a life insurance policy through our independent insurance agency, it takes no more effort than telling us about yourself over the phone or requesting a free insurance quote on this page. Southern States Insurance can help you save on your life insurance policy.

Life insurance can provide your family with the help they would need if anything were to happen. It is a very valuable coverage and maybe something you are ready for or we may advice you in waiting and saving your money now. Our agency wants to help you succeed.