Our insurance company understands insurance can be confusing and sometimes feels like the insurance language is from another world! Although, we have never actually written coverage for what happens if you are taken out of this world.

We landed on Insurance Provider’s site sharing the weirdest insurance policies and couldn’t believe not only what carriers will agree to insure, but also that people will actually buy it!

Weirdest Insurance Policies
Source: Insurance Providers

Some Facts About These Strange Insurance Policies

  1. An Alien Abduction Insurance policy costs close to $150 dollars for every $1.5 million dollars of coverage.
  2. 1920′s film star Ben Turpin, famous for having crossed eyes, insured his eyes for $25,000. The website “DollarTimes” estimates this would equate to almost $300,000 worth of insurance coverage today.
  3. Zombie Insurance also exists, although the company who sells the coverage states they “do not provide real insurance”. We still recommend the supplemental coverage for those fearful of a Zombie Apocalypse.

More Common Insurance Coverages Available

If you are looking to buy insurance coverage for some of these unusual policies we may have to suggest you to some other insurance companies, who have more experience in writing a vampire insurance policy.

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