Clutching my new iPad, I briskly walked from my car to the office building this morning in a light misting rain. It hadn’t dawned on me to pick up an umbrella (which may just be a guy thing). But as I broke into trot, I suddenly remembered that the renewal bill for the insurance on my iPhone 4 is sitting on the kitchen counter at home. Momentary panic set in. You see, the number one reason I’m shelling out $89 a year for that insurance policy is my fear of water damaging a device that I use heavily every single day. That’s not a guy thing. That’s just being sensible about not spending $600 for another iPhone that I could have easily protected with the right insurance. If you’re wondering where my deep seeded fear stems from, here are the three water hazards that scare me enough to renew this policy.


For those of you not in the know, kids can destroy just about anything. And, water sources are prevalent in my house. Toilets, bathtubs, sinks, glasses of water on the counter, the cat’s water bowl. And while I don’t think my kids are malicious enough to intentionally dunk my iPhone 4 in any of these, there have been countless times when they’ve accidentally knocked water onto it or almost dropped it in something. For, me that’s reason alone to keep my iPhone 4 insurance.

The Ocean & The Lake

Okay, the ocean itself isn’t out to get my iPhone, I know that. But I have several friends who have mindlessly jumped into the ocean or the lake with their iPhone still in their pocket. I pride myself on being careful, but I know it’s only a matter of time when I too will do the same. I think fathers like myself are especially prone to such forgetfulness (see “Kids” above for an explanation of why our brains are already mentally pushed to the limit).


As I said, I’m a father, and by nature, we are tired creatures. Whether sleep deprivation due to newborns or just working hard all day, being tired can and does affect our physical and mental capacity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost had to use my iPhone insurance policy because I’ve knocked a glass of water over at a restaurant or in my office. Most recently, I put my iPhone on the table while I was ordering lunch at Ted’s Montana Grill. As I handed the waitress my menu, I knocked my tall glass of ice water right on top of my phone, dousing it. Fortunately, I was able to dry it off quickly enough not to let too much water seep in. It was a close call.


For all my fellow worry warts out there, don’t leave your iPhone’s safety to chance. Get an iPhone insurance quote and get your phone insured today. Remember: Water, water everywhere! I’ve got mine through Worth Ave Group. They are one of the only iPhone insurance companies out there who will cover both spills and submersion. Considering my water fears and their cheap $89 per year price tag, that’s peace of mine!