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June, July and August reportedly have the highest lightning activity through the year and homeowners have more reasons now than in years past to be concerned with lightning claims.

The cost per claim is the most expensive it has ever been with the newest technologies filling your home wall-to-wall. Data reveals less lightning insurance claims have been made over the years, but the price continues to increase and we believe it is due to the increased number of electronics in homes today.

The Price Of Technology In Your Home

The average lightning insurance claim cost close to $5,000 dollars in 2011 compared to 2004 when the average cost was $2,600.

Home insurance data compiled by the Insurance Information Institute (III) and State Farm® reveals the number of claims and the total cost paid out by insurance companies.

The average cost per claim has shot up 93 percent from 2004-2011, despite the amount of lightning claims falling by more than 33 percent over the same seven-year period.

The high cost of claims today is directly in relation to the expensive electronic equipment in homes.

The average home has more than 26 electronic devices. Year after year the growth and advancements in technology create a world more digitally connected & advancements are constantly being made to reach new possibilities.

How To Protect Yourself From an Expensive Homeowners Insurance Claim

It is more important to protect your home against lightning damage today than it has ever been before, and luckily it is cheap and easy.

Maybe you should consider investing in a lightning protection system for your home or take note of the following tips to avoid an expensive claim.

Tips to avoid an expensive lightning claim

  • Unplug expensive and valuable electronics prior to a storm or leaving for a long vacation.
  • Make sure your home’s electrical system is properly grounded.
  • Use surge protectors to protect costly equipment and prevent fires.

From computers, to flat screen televisions, to wireless internet, home surround sound audio, remote speakers, video game consoles, iPads, iPods, and even cell phones the average home has invested a great amount of money to have such technologies and it is very little cost to protect them with surge protectors or unplugging them before storms.

Our Georgia Insurance Agency Wants To Protect Homeowners

Southern States Insurance wants to emphasize not only the risk to your home the lightning season brings, but also other aspects of how the danger can put you in jeopardy.

There are about 400 people struck by lightning every year.

If you hear thunder, you are at risk and need to move indoors and seek shelter immediately. We advise you to make as little contact with the ground as possible and crouch down if you have a tingling feeling or smell sulfur. Too many lives are lost to lightning and often because of misconceptions about safety.

Adopting new habits can save your life and save you money in this summer’s lighting storms. We want to help you succeed before an accident ever occurs and will be there to help you in the unfortunate event it does.

Talk with any of our independent insurance agents and they can advise you if you could save on your homeowners insurance cost or help you understand your coverage and what would be the best insurance coverage for you.