The Top 10 Most Dangerous Spring Break Destinations and Tips To Stay Safe!

spring break safety tipsA week where it is glamorized to often ignore risks and in some cases even welcome them, we advice everyone to be wise during Spring Break!

As you or your children are planning their getaway adventure, it may be worth noting the top ten most dangerous cities ranked by Avvo, a legal research organization. Rankings were judged as dangerous based on crime risk (amount of reported crime against general population), criminal defense questions (received by location in online forum), and the number of doctors and lawyers in the area. Here are the results of the study and it seems you generally want to avoid Florida, but take this as general advice from our insurance agency looking out for your best interest.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Spring Break Destinations in the United States

  • 10. Miami, Florida
  • 9. Jacksonville, Florida
  • 8. Panama City, Florida
  • 7. New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 6. South Padre Island, Texas
  • 5. West Palm Beach, Florida
  • 4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • 3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 2. Daytona Beach, Florida
  • 1. Orlando, Florida

According to just this list, it would be safer for you to walk Bourbon Street rather than wait in line at Disney World. As in anything there are risks involved and it is a matter of lifestyle and decisions made.

No matter your destination, our independent insurance agency wants you to be safe! Do not be afraid if you or your child is traveling or currently in a high ranked destination, the best advice is to be cautious.

Spring Break Safety Tips

Plan Ahead

When a group is living in the moment one thing can lead to another and force bad situations. There are many things you need to plan ahead for in order to avoid a higher risk situation.

  • Request Hotel Room Not On the First Floor – First floor rooms are easy to break into, and most easily accessible to public.
  • Go To The ATM In Daylight Hours
  • Be Responsible in Planning Transportation – It will be easy to get carried away or to compromise standards while on vacation. Planning ahead will ensure your safety and prevent you from dangerously drinking and driving.

Travel In Groups

Always travel with a trusted friend and let others know where you will be. Leave home with your friends and return home with your friends, no excuses.

Consider The Most Appropriate Insurance Coverages

If you are traveling out of the country it may be wise to look into International Insurance. You may rent a car while you are at your destination and Rental Car Insurance could be a wise option. You may want to be sure your auto insurance policy covers everything you believe it does, or need it to. Also, there are exclusions you need to be aware of when leaving your home vacant for the week and should talk to your insurance agent on what you need to do to protect your home.

Trust Your Instincts

If something seems wrong, trust your feelings and leave. Don’t put yourself in any high risk situation. You are the best judge of yourself and you should do only what you are comfortable doing. In this regards, you may be most comfortable wearing your new jewelry or clothes to go out in, but we would advice you leave your expensive jewelry and valuables at home.

Be Safe. Be Smart.

There is risk in everything, so don’t be alarmed, by the list. Be aware of your surroundings and do what you can to minimize potential risks!

Wherever you decide to go, travel safely. Our Georgia Insurance Company wants you to have a great time and make the best decisions.

Have a great and safe break!