I couldn’t help but chuckle today when I read an email from a prospective client who asked me to give them a ballpark premium for Non Emergency Transportation insurance in Georgia. I thought to myself, “The answer is, that’s a great question!” Premiums on Non Emergency Transportation insurance vary vastly from one account to the next. I can tell you with all honesty that I have renewed two Non Emergency Transportation accounts this month: One is paying $4,000 per vehicle, the other is paying $11,000 per vehicle. They are both doing the exact same thing. The difference?

  • Operating policies and procedures
  • Hiring practices
  • Vehicle maintenance procedures
  • First Aid procedures
  • Operators driving records
  • Experience level of managers
  • Claims history

Better Understand Non Emergency Transportation Costs

To give you an analogy, what they were asking is somewhat like walking into a doctor’s office and saying, “How’s my overall health?” The doctor would most likely respond, “Let’s get some vital statistics and run some tests and then I’ll be able to tell you.”

In order to get pricing for any Non Emergency Transportation client, I first need to get some of their company’s ‘vital statistics’. Obviously, the objective is to get them as close to the lowest end of the pricing spectrum as possible, but that depends on those factors I mentioned above.

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