Heat is the Number One Weather Related Killer in The United States

Unfortunately none of us have been a stranger to this season’s hot weather through out the country, but even in the miserable hot temperatures we wouldn’t have predicted HEAT to be the most dangerous weather related event.

With temperatures breaking thousands of records, this summer already has been the hottest we have ever seen.

  • More than 5,000 daily record highs have been broken
  • Hundreds of all-time record highs have been broken
  • Drought conditions are present in 56% of the country

Heat accounts for more deaths than does lightning, floods, tornados, and the cold combined in some year’s averages. It is a serious life threatening risk we are all exposed to at highest levels for almost continually for months.

The scorching temperatures have recently seen a drop, but only a few weeks into summer we want to raise awareness as this summer’s heat has already caused close to an estimated 50 deaths across the country!

Biggest Hazards The Heat Brings

When the temperatures continue to rise, the body can become overheated and struggle to cool itself properly. In excess heat it becomes easy to become dehydrated because of an excess amount of sweating as the body attempts to cool itself.

In the southern states and along the coast experiencing high levels of humidity the evaporation rate is significantly lower causing difficulty for your body to stay cool. Sweat helps keep you cool as it evaporates, but the humid conditions make evaporation difficult.

The Danger of a Parked Car In The Heat – Attention Parents and Pet Owners

When a car is left in the already dangerously hot conditions the car acts similarly to an oven and the temperature within the vehicle rapidly rises. Studies have been done to reveal the internal temperature of the car rapidly rises in a matter of minutes.

Watch this animation illustrating the rate a car temperature can increase on a hot summer day.

Parents and pet-owners need to understand the great risks that come when left in the car and NEVER leave a child or animal enclosed in a parked car. Adults are also at risk, as some cases site death as adults have taken a nap in a parked car, sometimes even with the windows down.

Heat exhaustion is more threatening and common with age, although all ages are susceptible to the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation causing harmful sunburns and potentially leading to significant risks for future health.

How To Stay Safe Against The Hot Weather

Take basic precautions to stay safe against the unhealthy levels of heat this summer.

  • Recognize the warning signs of heat related illness – Heat cramps, dizziness, throbbing headache, and heavy sweating.
  • Plan ahead – During excessive heat periods stay indoors, and spend more time in air conditioning.
  • Dress for summer – Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing that is well ventilated and protects against UV rays if possible.
  • Drink up – Consume plenty of cool fluids. In extremely hot conditions cold drinks can cause cramps as your body has to work to bring them to a warmer temperature. Also, avoid drinking alcohol as it will dehydrate you even further during the hot conditions.

Now What? Since You Know The Dangers Associated with Heat

Heat gets very little media attention (unless your watching ESPN) and rarely are precautions advertised typically because they are common sense. That doesn’t reduce the risk and need for awareness. The death toll will only continue to rise, unless we make efforts to defend ourselves against the threatening temperatures. The summer’s hottest days are ahead of us, help us raise awareness.

Our Georgia insurance company encourages you to share this article and help spread the knowledge about the risk many are unaware of.

Southern States Insurance wishes you a very happy summer and hopes you stay safe in the record breaking heat, the most dangerous weather related event.

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