While the data over the years has encouragingly shown signs of a steady decrease in traffic deaths, 2012 has decided not to stick to the trend. Typical 2012 move.

Since 2006, when 9,558 traffic deaths were reported, the roads have seen the death count decline with 2011 cited as the lowest number of car fatalities in nearly ten years. Sadly, as quickly as we can celebrate a milestone we mourn a new reality as 2012 statistics aren’t as encouraging and is on route to be a near record high year for traffic deaths.

It is hard to take lightly the 13.5% increase in traffic fatalities of the previous year’s first quarter, but Southern States Insurance realizes the increase is following a record low.

We want to bring to driver’s attention the realities of roadway dangers and humble drivers to take to the roadways with reverence and caution as they better understand the risks.

The Reality Of Roadway Fatalities

In the year 2012, more people died on U.S. roads in the first three months than all the U.S. soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan over a decade.

In the first quarter of 2012 there are recorded at total of 7,630 traffic related fatalities up from 6,720 in 2011.

The roads are dangerous. The dangers are evident in the numbers, but there is little evidence in our daily habits.

Our insurance agency in Georgia handles too many auto-related deaths and this year’s trend can not continue. Make a change to your habits and follow the tips below to be a safer driver and reduce your risks.

We Ask You

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If the estimate for annual traffic fatalities holds true, it would be the second largest increase from year-to-year in the history of recorded traffic fatalities which dates back to 1975.

Why is this year different? What has caused the greater amount of traffic accidents?

Southern States Insurance’s Advice To Stay Safe on the Roads in 2012

Change one habit.

There are not many roadway/traffic tips that are going to be new to you. We are going to overlook the most commonly shared traffic tips and ask you to access your own driving habits.

What is one habit you can adopt or change to become a safer driver on the roads this year?

Please hear us say – It is worth it to commit to being a safer driver. It effects more than just you, but impacts everyone on the road.

If you need help thinking of a habit to change, distracted driving is the most common cause of traffic accidents today. It may seem obvious, but we believe eliminating the distractions will greatly reduce the amount of traffic fatalities seen in 2012 drastically!

The year is on route to be on of the most deadly, unless we do something to change our habits!

You Are Not Immune To Being Involved In A Traffic Accident

Because we drive so often and are not in a traffic accident, we feel that it won’t likely happen to us. If you have texted on the road before and been fine, who says you won’t be fine on your next drive? These numbers are the scary reality that accidents happen and are happening more often than in past years.

Our Georgia insurance company wants to do everything possible to prevent the accident from occurring, but in the unfortunate circumstance you are involved in a car accident, be sure you have good auto insurance to protect you. We can give you a free insurance quote if you are interested in learning more about our independent insurance agency, but we hope you understand the great risks of driving on the road and what it could potentially cost.