We are excited to welcome one of the newest members to our Southern States Insurance company family, Sheena Gipson. Get to know Sheena more and read a short interview about her passions and her story below.

We recommend you don’t read about Sheena if:

  • You easily grow jealous about great vacations
  • You become envious of people who love their jobs
  • You are hungry and don’t want to hear about delicious food

A Perfect Fit For Our Insurance Company in Georgia

If you have called our main line anytime in the last month the pleasant woman you talked to was likely Sheena. Your conversation was too brief to get to know much about her and our time with her has been much of the same, but we are going to tell a little more about the woman on the other end of the phone. We have loved having Sheena be a part of our independent insurance agency’s team and know you’ll enjoy getting to hear more about her life of travel.

Learning More About Sheena Gipson, Our Vice President of First Impressions

First tell us about yourself?

Sheena: I love to travel! I love to travel with my little boy Colton (age 9) and I really want him to see other cultures. I’ve always lived in Douglasville, GA and as much as I love to travel I don’t know if I will ever leave.

I bet Colton loves to travel with you! Whats the last trip the two of you went on?

Sheena: Colton is a little man and acts like an adult sometimes. He is an only child and has grown up around so many adults. It’s so great to travel with him! Our last trip was to local beaches and we had a lot of fun. Last year we made a big trip out of the country to Jamaica, which was phenomenal! I can’t wait to go back.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

Sheena Fiji or Thailand. I am definitely a beach girl and all I need for a good vacation is sunshine and warm weather. I absolutely could never live in the cold!

Well please tell us some about your first days with Southern States Insurance and what it’s been like here. Hopefully warm.

Sheena: I’ve liked it so much. The staff has been so warm and very friendly to me. I have different people come visit my front desk everyday and talk with me. Everyone has been more than wonderful and I stay busy all day helping clients! The phone calls come in steadily through out the day, which I love, because I get to stay busy all day and talk with many clients.

What did you do prior to working with us?

Sheena: I worked on another aspect of insurance. I was involved medical billing for a nursing home. I loved seeing the residents and grew very close to the staff.

Well we are so glad to have you here! What is something you love to do at home?

Sheena: I absolutely love to cook everything! I wanted to study culinary arts in school but eventually decided against it. Seafood is my favorite and I love sushi! I could eat seafood everyday of my life! I would love to one day open a 5 star restaurant and help people maintain healthy eating habits with delicious foods.

Yum. We need to have a potluck lunch or have you cater our next office meeting. That sounds fantastic. We can’t wait to get to know you more and have already loved working with you!

Sheena: Well it has been a great place to work. I really believe this is the best insurance agency there is and I wouldn’t work for just anyone. I am excited to make the first impressions with calls and pass them on to such a wonderful staff. One of the hardest things is being away from my newest puppy. Gates, a boxer, was rescued 3 days old and we’ve only had him for a couple weeks. He has stolen our hearts.

Welcome Sheena Gipson To Our Insuraance Family

We are so excited to add Sheena to our Southern States Insurance staff. We only hire the best and know she is going to do an amazing job. We want to wish her and all of the moms on our staff “Happy Mother’s Day”. You’ve each made and continue to make such a difference in the lives of those around you and we are fortunate to know each of you.