Sit down. How about a little trim?…On your hair salon insurance costs!

Adopt these simple practices to reduce the cost of your hair salon insurance premiums and experience less claims. Let us help you even before accidents happen.

How To Cut The Costs Of Your Hair Salon Insurance!

  1. Housekeeping! – The simplest practice to put in place is typically already a habit for pure cosmetics and hygienic purposes – sweeping the floor following a haircut. Hair trimmings are highly flammable and most importantly can cause falls!

    Maintaining good house keeping is a practice customers will appreciate and you will be paying out less slip and fall injuries.

  2. Awareness! – The biggest exposure hair salons face is the public coming on and off the premises all hours of the day. Consider the amount of foot traffic and the wear and tear salons experience. Observe your floors for carpet frays, worn spots, cracks, holes, and anything else that could be a hazard to the public.

    Trip and fall claims are the main concern for salons. To prevent this, always look down, and also look up – Check to be sure the exits and paths are well lit.

  3. Maintenance! – Machinery used is used often and common claims are fire loss from poor wiring, overheating, and poor maintenance. Occasionally updating machinery is much less of an expense than the damages you face from a fire or injury resulting from faulty machinery. Especially when you consider how much you potentially save but not paying an increased property exposure premium.
  4. Safety! – Parking lot areas are often deemed the responsibility of the owner and operator of the premises. If you can make minor additions to the parking lot to make it safer or help your customers stay safe, they will be efforts you are thankful you made. Protect your customers, protects yourself.

All Beauty Shops Are Different – Much Like A Cowlick

Every beauty shop offers a unique line of services the always include the common cutting, styling, trimming, coloring, and application of a permanent wave to hair. The additional service can range from massages, nail care, tanning beds, cosmetic consulting, electrolysis, or a shave. Depending on the beauty salons target market and each stores desires the range of services can create new exposures.

With each service offered comes risk exposure to consider. Most are minimal, but there maybe other tips and advice we have to beauty shops who offer extensive services. Our money saving tips were to the common services in order to benefit the majority.

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