Nothing grew to be more of a prized possession to Katniss Everdeen than her mocking jay pin.

Why is that?

Was Katniss being superficial and materialistic? No. Sometimes an item isn’t solely valuable because of it’s price, but because of it’s personal meaning and significance.

To Katniss her mocking jay pin spoke meaning to her in many ways, but in effort not to reveal too much about the movie, we will simply say it reminds her of home. What belongings do you have, that only you understand it’s true meaning and value? We want to give you a sense of peace and protect what is important to you. Insurance for your personal property covers your higher valued items (including furs, guns, jewelry, or musical instruments).

Contents and Personal Property Insurance Advice

A home insurance policy covers both the structure and the contents of the home. However, the definition of contents is outlined in your homeowners insurance policy.

Contents in your insurance policy may vary depending on policy type and amount of coverage. Basic content coverage is a percentage of the insurable value of your home. Contents insurance coverage is defined differently in homeowners insurance coverage and renters insurance coverage. Do not assume something is covered until you have reviewed your insurance policy and clearly understand common exclusions.

Thefts of personal property items are limited. If insured contents are stolen, their are limitations to the coverage. In circumstances due to natural causes such as tornados or fire, all contents will be covered, subject to the policy insurable value.

Our advice to you is to speak with a professional. The worst thing to do is to assume you’re covered but not fully understand your homeowners insurance coverage and its exclusions. We want to help you succeed, and will answer your insurance questions and with sound insurance advice. Our independent insurance agency wants to serve you, to see you succeed.

Contents and Personal Property Insurance Options

There are two coverage options to consider when insuring your personal property. We will briefly introduce them, but when we quote your belongings can tailor a policy best to your insurance needs.

  1. A blanket of additional insurance coverage – This option assesses your personal property and insures all of your belongings for a set ceiling limit of coverage. If loss is experienced you would be entitled up to the amount of decided coverage.
  2. An appraisal on specific items – When an item is insured based off its appraisal value, it is considered a scheduled personal property. The insurance usually endorsed under your homeowners insurance coverage. This endorsement may be recommended for your higher valued items, as their unique worth may exceed a blanket insurance coverage.

One of our insurance agents can discuss each coverage option in more detail and help you determine what is best when insuring your valuables. If you are interested in insuring an engagement ring, we have a specific page for a free insurance quote.

Why Insuring Your Valuables is Important to Our Georgia Insurance Agency

You have worked hard to acquire your personal valuables. We understand they are more than dollar amount and have meaning and unique intrinsic value. We can insure most anything for you; coverage often includes jewelry, guns, furs, or musical instruments.

Katniss Everdeen, in “The Hunger Games” has items that she wouldn’t want to be without! To Katniss her bow is more than a weapon or an instrument. It is a means of survival and her hope. The tributes in the Hunger Games are desperate for essential items and would be lost with out them. The cornucopia is a dangerous place, but our personal belongings are precious to us.

We want to know what is valuable to you. We can lead you in a simple discussion to identify the best insurance coverage for your needs. If you want to insure the safety and worth of your personal items, let’s start the conversation. You can always fill out a free insurance quote on our page, to jump start the process and help us prepare to insure you best.

May the odds ever be in your favor, and we will help you succeed even when they are not.