You may expect the leading question to a life insurance conversation to be “How old are you?” Age is a factor but not the best indication of your need for life insurance. Life insurance is something that is more circumstantial than about a magic age that reveals the appropriate amount of need.

Good Life Insurance Advice Is Based On Circumstances Over Age

The time you need to consider calling an independent insurance agent is when you experience a change in family status. With professional advice you will be doing what is necessary to protect your family and loved ones.

What Defines A Family Status Change?

  • Birth of a child
  • Marriage of a couple
  • Purchase of a home
  • Acquire an amount of debt

In summary a change in family status is a circumstance in which your spouse or loved ones will be dependent on your income to offset the loss of income. Life insurance helps cover the expenses and allow your loved one’s to continue living in the best circumstances following an unfortunate tragedy.

Don’t fear another birthday thinking, “I need to get life insurance.” Although, that may be true, what should trigger your memory isn’t a changing age, but the changing blessings. When you see your family, your home, or the lifestyle your family has come to know, that is what should encourage you to get the best life insurance coverage.

Life Without Life Insurance

For now there is no difference in life with or without life insurance. Actually, the only difference in life with and with out life insurance is one has an additional cost. The difference comes after your death and immediately effects your family’s and loved one’s lives. Life insurance doesn’t give you some reason to live more dangerously, or without caution. Often, if you are considering good life insurance you have others in your life you want to take care of.

Picture this, you’re in a single income family, and the provider unexpectedly loses their life and didn’t have life insurance coverage. The non-working spouse is left to meet the payments on the home, pay off the debt, pay additional expenses (funeral costs, daycare, etc.) and likely enter the workforce.

We hope you see it is very important for the future wellbeing of your family that you have good life insurance coverage.

Final Thoughts and Advice on Life Insurance

You may not need life insurance. It isn’t an age thing; it is a circumstantial decision. The investment of life insurance protects the loved one’s in your life. It’s our job to show you your insurance needs. We believe the best insurance agency is built on relationship.

Please, it would be our pleasure to help you better understand your life insurance needs and answer your questions.