In today’s globally connected economy, more and more companies of all sizes and in all industries are working with foreign clients. We have learned and advise all of our clients who travel internationally, if working with and traveling to foreign cities, to add international insurance coverage. We are often asked by our clients about their insurance coverage and “Does it carry across borders?”

The Importance of International Insurance

Your current business insurance does not cover your company outside of the “Coverage Territory”, which includes the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and our territories and possessions. Insurance coverage while traveling outside of the “Coverage Territory” must be purchased as a separate “International Policy.” These inexpensive and readily available International Policies “extend” the coverage missing from American policies and their coverage territories, to anywhere in the World.

What does an International Insurance Policy Cover?

Your company’s General Liability, Automobile Liability and Voluntary Workers Compensation Insurance coverage’s are intact worldwide when you purchase International Insurance coverage. Executive & Employee Assistance for medical issues, translations, legal help, repatriation, kidnap and ransom demands, rental car returns, currency & expense payment help, family travel, evacuations, etc. are all provided in these very comprehensive contracts. This extensive coverage assures your safety and protection when in unfamiliar areas, and with out it you are on your own.

Our Insurance Company’s Personal Experience

We’ve had several clients unfortunately had to use their International Coverage and have raved about it’s swift effectiveness in their frightening times of need while overseas and all alone! International Insurance coverage is a small investment that can make all the difference in an unfamiliar part of the world when you are in need. We can provide you with a free insurance quote and provide solutions to these “gaps” that your current insurance policy may not cover at the time.

It is important to discuss with your insurance agent all the details of your profession and practice, to provide the most comprehensive insurance coverage. It is so important to have a good relationship with your insurance agent so they can tailor an insurance policy to fit your unique needs, this is done best when working with an independent insurance agency.

We can work together to keep you safe and protected in a world that can be unpredictable. Our insurance agency in Atlanta is committed to helping you succeed in all circumstances.