As an electrician, you face a large number of risks on a daily basis. Having the right electrician insurance can keep yourself, your employees and your business safe in times of need. But its not just electricians who need this type of insurance. Find out exactly who benefits most from this insurance, and what your typical policy package would include.

Who Needs Electrician Insurance?

The truth is, more people need electrician insurance than they think. Any company dealing with basic electrical work, will need the minimum electrician coverage. Some of these trades include:

  • Electrical Contractors- cable layers, alarm installers etc.
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Electric Repairmen
  • Lighting Contractors
  • Construction Companies

What Kind Of Coverage Will I Need?

General Liability

General liability insurance will be the basis of coverage for your business. It will protect you when you face legal fees, medical expenses due to the injuries of others, and property damage expenses.

Workers Compensation

Workers comp insurance will keep you and your employees safe when someone is hurt on the job. Generally, this coverage will help cover medical costs and/or garnish lost wages if you or an employee is hurt on the job.

Auto Coverage

Often, vehicles used will have special modifications or built-in equipment such as lifts and hoists. These special tools will need special auto insurance, to ensure their safety as well as the safety of all drivers and passengers.

So Why Do I Need It?

It’s quite simple, any construction/contractor job faces many hazards on a daily basis. From dangerous working environments, powerful equipment and a risky skill set, accidents are bound to happen. Don’t leave yourself or any part of your business at risk for any kind of financial loss. Having electrician insurance might just save your business one day, and it will definitely keep you protected should any accidents occur!

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