It Depends On Your Health Insurance Carrier

More and more insurance carriers are encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and rewarding their clients who pursue health and wellness. Health insurance company’s benefit by insuring healthier individuals and are willing to help provide financial benefits, or rewards for a healthy active lifestyle.

Your health insurance company may carry a discount for certain healthy practices such as:

  • Actively walking
  • Daily diet
  • Being a member of a gym or health club

    If you think you qualify for these savings request a free quote and our agents can shop your coverage and find a carrier to fit your needs with the discounts you qualify for.

Many people are unaware of the savings available to them and could end up having their gym membership or other services practically paid for. Working with an independent insurance agency could prove to be beneficial even more as the ability to shop numerous insurance carriers could provide access to unique discount to fit your lifestyle.

A Healthy Lifestyle Matters

More companies are being proactive to suggest wellness to their health insurance clients. Simple activities such as walking, controlling your diet, and routine exercise have great health benefits.

When you work out you may discover you are able to save money on your health insurance coverage, but we hope you learn to ultimately do it for you and your own health.

5 Easiest Ways To Pursue A Healthier Lifestyle

  1. Be picky when eating out – Ask for the food you want how you want it to make it most healthy.
  2. Get to bed earlier
  3. Drink water over sugary or alcoholic drinks
  4. Fit exercise into your daily life (ex. lunges while vacuuming)
  5. Breathe deeper & more slowly to allow more oxygen in your body – feeling energized.

Looking To Shop Your Health Insurance Coverage?

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Shopping your insurance coverage can be an exhausting process and often overwhelming. Working with an independent insurance agent changes that immediately.

Our independent insurance agency in Georgia works to help you find the best health insurance coverage for your unique needs by shopping your policy with numerous insurance carriers to find the price most favorable to your needs. You may be able to save money on your health insurance coverage just by talking with an agent who knows the right questions to ask to reveal more about your habits, lifestyle and coverage needs.

Contact your health insurance carrier today to learn if you could be saving money for your lifestyle or if you could begin to go to the gym and experience discounted rates.

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