You’ve Got Motorcycle Insurance So You Don’t Have To Worry, Right?

Driving is dangerous. Riding a motorcycle is even more dangerous. Thing is, it’s also about the greatest sensation in the entire universe! Drivers in cages (cars) don’t always see bikes. That’s just one good reason for loud bikes. If they don’t see you they may at least, hopefully hear you. What happens when they don’t? You know who is going to get the short end of the stick in a motorcycle vs. anything collision. That’s why you need motorcycle insurance. As necessary as motorcycle insurance is, and no, you never want to ride without it, there can be hidden costs involved that every biker should be aware of.

Just because you didn’t spend enough on your new ride…

Actually, you did. But when looking at the cost of a new bike you need to figure in more than the sticker price. Take a look:

  • The type of bike may matter – some insurance plans can be as much as 10 times more for some bikes than for others. You probably know what kind of bike you want but before you get your heart all set on it make sure that you fully realize the extent of your investment – insurance and all.
  • Are you financially responsible? Some insurance companies want to know how well you keep up with things like paying bills. Why? Because, they reason that if you are careful enough with your money that you consistently keep up with all your bill paying that you just might be careful in other areas as well… like on the road with that new motorcycle. Not caught up with your bills? You may end up paying a higher premium.
  • Is there such a thing as no fault? Whereas no fault insurance is offered by some companies to their insured drivers of cars, finding a no fault motorcycle insurance policy is like finding a snowball in hell. Never happen. Don’t even bother looking for one of these policies.
  • Save where you can if you must – but don’t skimp. Do not take that bike out underinsured. If you’ve got a bike that’s all customized out, you may have to pay a bit more for your insurance to cover the custom parts. Never assume that the cut rate policy you got covers customization.
  • Join the crowd – if you belong to a certain biker organization you may get a discount. Also, if you have taken a certain driver education course for bikes you could get a discount. But… look closely at the fine print. The second discount may be time sensitive in relation to when you finished the course.
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