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Welcome to theInsurance Revolution

You're not a policy number. You're a person with hopes and dreams. Let's protect them together.

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Insurance For Any Lifestyle.

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Auto Insurance

From grocery-getter to luxury vehicle, Southern States Insurance has got you covered. Join 1,000's of customers who saved just by having multiple options.

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Home Insurance

Wherever you call home, we can help you protect it. Learn more about our cost-saving homeowners, condo and renters policies for your humble abode.

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Business Insurance

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups need specialized insurance coverage to keep things running. Join the business insurance savings revolution.

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The Insurance Cost Savings Guide

We're big fans of saving money. So we created a FREE detailed guide to show you how to save money on your car, home and business insurance. Learn tricks of the trade you can start using today to lower your insurance costs. You can thank us later.

Savings Power

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Packed with 20 pages of ideas you can use today to lower your insurance bills!

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Jim Schubert

Jim Schubert, President of Southern States Insurance, Inc., wants you to feel just as at-home with our family as you do with yours. Minus a few awkward Thanksgiving dinners.

As an owner of a small company, I have a lot of responsibilities on my plate which leaves my time stretched thin. On numerous occasions, Shirley has stepped up to the plate and gone beyond the call of duty to help me troubleshoot problems that could greatly impact my business. - Caroline Yarnall

Are you a small business owner, entrepreneur or startup looking for inspiration and guidance from other small business owners who have made it BIG TIME? Check out Jim's weekly podcast and blog Big Time Small Business for stories of entrepreneurial journeys and action steps you can start taking today to help your company "Grow Big or Go Home!"