Security Insurance Coverage For Armed and Unarmed Guards

Armed security guard insurance can certainly cost more than for unarmed guards. But that doesn’t mean policy coverage is all that different.

There’s no cookie-cutter insurance policy for ANY security guard.

Let’s take a look at what each type of security guard needs.

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Armed Security Guard Insurance

The first hurdle you may encounter shopping for armed security guard insurance are carriers that include “Reinsurance Treaty Violation Penalties” for insuring armed guards.

Many insurance carriers prohibit writing insurance for armed security guards. And I think the reasons are obvious.

Good news, though!

We have access to several markets that provide armed security guard insurance.

Armed security guard coverage can be tricky and it’s important to work with an agent who has experience.

With our history and experience insuring both armed and unarmed guards we can help you understand your risks and requirements no matter the level of experience or size of your security company.

Unarmed Security Guard Insurance

Unarmed guards may not carry a firearm but often a club, stun gun, chemical spray or a night stick. If your security employees carry any of these non-lethal enforcement devices, it is essential guards receive proper training and licensing.

With both unarmed and armed security, it’s important that your insurance policy be written properly so your security company covers the right risks.

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The Security Guard Insurance Coverages You Need

Armed Security Guard Insurance

Every security insurance policy requires different coverages with unique needs. Our insurance agency can tailor a policy specific to your security company that can include (but certainly not limited to) many of the following coverages:

Types Of Guards We Insure

  • Security Guards
  • Security Consultants
  • Executive Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Private Patrols
  • Undercover Guards
  • Doorman
  • Armored Cars

Benefits You’ll Receive

  • Multiple quotes from AM Best “A” Rated (or higher) insurance carriers
  • Interest free or low interest payment options
  • A dedicated agent you can contact anytime for help
  • Competitive pricing
  • Coverage availability in almost every state

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Other Factors That Affect Unarmed & Armed Security Guard Insurance Premium

armed security insurance

The risk exposures differ for each security company. In order to have the best insurance protection, you’ll want to talk with an insurance agent who understands the security guard insurance market.

Did you know?

  • Anytime a loss occurs to the property or person of a customer from services provided by the security agency, such as fire and crime, the security service will have to account for how it failed in its professional duty.
  • If the security service carries firearms, all federal, state and local statutes must be followed.
  • Guards carry unique exposure to property requiring background checks of all employees. These can include verification of criminal records, education and employment background.
  • Without firm procedures and signed written contracts noting where services are to be taken and not taken, security guards are exposed to higher levels of risk and lawsuit.

Ready To Insure Your Security Guard Company?

Security operations vary in responsibility, risks and size.

No matter if your agency provides guards and security for customers’ premises, provides alarms and security systems, or responds to calls, it’s important to have the right security guard company insurance in place.

We insure security company and can help provide you with security insurance coverage that fits your specific needs.

As a client of Southern States Insurance, your success is our goal. We would love to work with your security company. So let’s begin the conversation now.

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