General locksmith operations involve installation, repair, maintenance, replace locks and lock systems on buildings and automobiles, with locksmiths often providing 24-hour emergency unlocking services.

Considering the dangerous tools they use and the places they may find themselves late at night, it may be hard to focus on one key concern. The key concern we share indirectly effects other risks and is one of many exposures locksmiths face, but we believe it deserved to be highlighted.

Locksmith’s key concern is is dishonesty.

Which can take on many forms and require various protection.

Locksmiths Top Concerns In Regards To Insurance Coverage

Employee Dishonesty

Specifically for locksmiths we are referring to crime exposure.

Locksmith employees have access to professional tools used to duplicate keys, open locks and dissemble locks. Further more locksmith employees have access to customers’ premises and property. The combination is a great liability.

Employees who cannot be bonded and licensed are a significant hazard to a locksmith operation. Locksmith businesses need to include thorough background checks and references to control the morale hazard. The stricter hiring practices can help avoid troublesome employees.

Premises Liability Exposure

Locksmiths are trusted with employees homes and businesses. Locksmith employees have numerous opportunities to steal from customers and chances of damaging their property. Our insurance company highly recommends this premises liability exposure to provide such protection.

A second dimension to this coverage addresses the circumstance of theft or crime occurring after completed operations. The locksmith is promising secure premises from using product sold. The completed operations exposure increases when locksmiths monitors alarm systems.

Frequent inspections and evaluations of employees can create an effective checks and balances to help reduce chances of loss.

Property Exposure

Property exposure protects locksmiths equipment.

The coverage provides protection of stock and equipment used as part of business procedures. Specialty equipment is most often targeted by thieves and the policy would also cover loss due to fire, smoke, and water damage.

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