Trick question. Defining criteria to deem a restaurant as a bar can fluctuate from state to state.

Many sports bar’s have identity crisis just because of this burning question.

Let’s address how to determine the status of your business and help restaurants and bars finally understand who they really are… Should there be inspirational music playing in the background?

Is Your Bar A Restaurant or Your Restaurant A Bar? – How To Know

The definition of your establishment derives from your percentage of liquor sales compared to overall sales.

The restaurant environment is increasingly complex and when the unexpected occurs you need to know you are properly covered. To determine if your restaurant is considered a bar we need to look at the percentage of your overall sales. Every state varies in percentages to determine if your restaurant is deemed a bar or not, but our local independent insurance agents will be able to give you proper guidance and good insurance advice.

The Breakdown Of Restaurant Insurance versus Bar Insurance Coverage

Our Insurance agency is based in Georgia with offices through out the states of Georgia and Florida. Our company writes insurance coverage through out the country and will have to advice you specific to your state’s requirements & regulations.

In many circumstances a restaurant is a bar when:

  • Over 30% of the establishment’s overall sales are from liquor.

According to the state of Florida, over 50% liquor sales deems a business a bar.

What Does That Mean In Terms of Insurance Coverage?

You need to talk with a licensed independent insurance agent

Restaurant and Bars face different (although many similar) risks and need an insurance policy tailored to their unique needs and risk exposures. Having the right coverage can make all of the difference in your businesses success. You need an insurance company not only able to insure you correctly, but interested in helping you succeed.

Ask yourself these questions and think how you would handle the scenario:

What if someone has too much to drink and gets in a car accident going home?

What if the refrigerator breaks and the products go bad?

What happens if a fight breaks out in your restaurant?

As a client of Southern States Insurance we work with you to prepare you for the unexpected and help you when it occurs. Our goal is your success. There are numerous questions to address and discuss and our insurance agents can help protect you against such risks.

Let Southern States Insurance help provide you with the restaurant insurance and bar insurance your business needs.