Absolutely, But There Is More To It

Life insurance if you have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes is available through specific carriers and prices are highly influenced by your health management. In order to find the best diabetic life insurance quotes and rates we need your current health information. Be prepared to share with an insurance agent:

  1. Your current height and weight.
  2. Recent hemoglobin A1C test results and averages.
  3. Your age. (Best diabetic life insurance rates are offered to those diagnosed with diabetes later in life)

Our Insurance Agency’s Advantage For You

Southern States Insurance is an independent insurance agency. This gives us a unique advantage to shop your insurance needs with numerous carriers and find the best price and most comprehensive coverage.

When you may be burdened by calling numerous carriers and searching for the best price, our agency steps in to do all of that work for you. We have been successful writing insurance for our clients not only because of the best prices and coverages we are able to offer, but also our personal relationships we build with our clients.

Our insurance company is interested in your success and can help you find the cheapest insurance rates available and best coverage.

The Key To Good Diabetic Life Insurance Rates

Controlling your health as best possible.

Buying affordable life insurance as a diabetic is mostly based on how well you have your health under control.

What insurance companies are looking to see:

  • Regular doctors visits
  • Consistent medications and positive response to treatments
  • Blood sugar levels and hemoglobin A!C counts

Our agency will work hard to find you the best rate available, but what will lower your life insurance rates most is keeping your health in check. It can become easy for us to find you coverage at an affordable price in our unique markets we are able to access.

A1C levels are considered normal for non-diabetics when they are under 6. If you have diabetes and your A1C levels are between 6 and 7, it generally means you have good control of your diabetes. Under these conditions, you may be find policies with “standard” rates.

If A1C levels are between 10 and 12, you will be offered a more expensive policy. If an insurer finds that the person applying for a life insurance policy has A1C levels that are over 12, it may be difficult to find a policy until you get better control of the blood sugar levels.

Get A Free Diabetic Life Insurance Quote

The only way to find out if we can beat your current insurance rates or be cheaper than other carriers you’ve shopped is to get a free insurance quote. Our agents will call and get a better understanding of your insurance needs and health and learn how we can most competitively shop your coverage.

Our insurance company can help you find the best diabetic life insurance prices possible and would love to help you by providing good insurance coverage.