Are you ready for some football?!?

Depending on where and how you tailgate (and if you face rival fans at an away game) you can be exposed to numerous risks.

The tailgate is an awesome experience for many reasons, but one being your team hasn’t lost yet. Further more, most likely nothing has been lost yet.

First – Enjoy The Tailgate. Here Are Some Good Tips From Southern States Insurance

We all know your team is going to win and it’s not going to be hard to enjoy the tailgate. These tips can help a big win not turn into a frustrating loss and keep everyone safe.

  • When leaving the tailgate – be sure all glass bottles or any other hazards are not in your way to drive over.
  • If you are grilling, be sure to bring a fire extinguisher.
  • Hide valuables from visible sight in your car or remove them. Car theft is common during game hours.
  • Don’t drive after you’ve been drinking. Tailgating in the hot sun and drinking over a long period of time it is easy to loose count of “how many” you’ve had. Don’t risk driving if you’ve been drinking – it is extremely dangerous and expensive. Choose a designated driver early.

Am I Covered? Car Insurance Advice For Tailgaters

You may have drinks covered. Food covered. Flat screen T.V. and generator covered…But is your car covered for the tailgating circumstances or do you face limits and exclusions you’re not aware of?

  • Does your car insurance cover non-moving accidents?
  • What if your grill damages your car?
  • Is there coverage against vandalism?
  • If your tailgating group accidentally damages your car is it excluded?

What You Need

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage.

Collision auto insurance coverage will protect you as you travel to and from the game, but when you are at the tailgate comprehensive coverage will protect you from all of the accidents mentions above. This valuable coverage is a must for tailgaters.

Car insurance policies are made up of two general components – Liability coverage and Physical Damage coverage. Physical damage coverage is further divided into two distinct types of coverage including collision and comprehensive. Your collision car insurance covers the damages of a car accident or if you were to strike an object. Comprehensive covers claims of physical damage other than collision.

Be sure you have Comprehensive insurance for your car before you face an insurance claim.

The Worst Case Scenario – True Story

It’s a Monday Night Football game and everyone is having a great time at the tailgate. The Redskins face off against the Steelers for a primetime matchup. These particular fans head into the game and watch their Redskins get burned by Pittsburgh. Grab your “terrible towel” because this is where it gets ugly.

The fans return to their tailgate spot and to their surprise the car had been stolen. Or was it stolen? There was police tape all around where their pre-game tailgating took place.

Their car had caught fire from the grill left out while they were in the game. The fans returned to a pile of ashes.

Read the whole story and see the cringe-worthy pictures of the car after 20 firefighters fought for almost 30 minutes.

Let’s Go Undefeated!

The start of the season is such a good time for fans. Every team believes this year could be “our year”. No record has faced the heartbreaking loss.

Our Georgia insurance agency wants to root for you the way you root for your team.

Our company believes in working for your success.

Together you can go undefeated.

Good insurance coverage allows you to overcome any loss and be restored back to whole as if it never happened. When the unforeseen accidents occur our insurance company will help you succeed with out being slowed down. Our insurance agents take the time to get to know you and understand your unique insurance needs to provide you with the best insurance.

Get a free insurance quote from Southern States Insurance and meet an agent who wants to help you succeed.

It was tough not to use cheesy football puns through out this article, even though a few slipped in, we hope you appreciate our efforts not to pun.

Happy Tailgating From Southern States Insurance.

Do you have any other tips or favorite tailgating activities you’d like to share?

Tell us your team & your tailgate tradition below.