A Coastal business property needs unique coverage to address their unique risk exposures. Southern States Insurance company can not only provide the necessary coverage but valuable advice to help your restaurant succeed.

Southern States Insurance helps restaurants and businesses alike succeed by helping them understand their insurance needs. If you need coastal restaurant insurance here is our simple advice to you.

Shop Your Insurance By Price, Coverage and Potential Benefit

  • First, price.

    Too often when looking for the right insurance coverage, price is the only factor considered when making the decision. Our advice is “Don’t forget price, but never allow it to be the sole deciding factor.” Price is very influential and can play a necessary role in determining the best insurance coverage for you, but coverage is the most necessary component and price will follow accordingly.

    Our independent insurance agency can work for your restaurant to provide the best price on your insurance coverage by shopping your coverage with numerous carriers.

    Price is based off of the coverages you need, and after determining your need, Southern States Insurance will find the best insurance option for you.

  • Second, coverage.

    Frustration with insurance often arises when coverage isn’t appropriate to the risks a business or person faces. In the event of a claim if the coverage doesn’t cover the accident and insurance deny’s payment the insured feels they have paid for a product that ultimately didn’t do what was promised.

    Coverage is the most important thing to have right. Our insurance agents address your unique risks to determine what insurance coverages are most appropriate for your unique risks.

  • Third, benefit.

    Will the insurance company you choose provide you coverage and be there in the event of a claim? Good, that is the bare minimum of what is expected. Sadly, most companies get away with such service and this becomes an acceptable practice. Our Insurance agency believe’s in more.

    Being insured with Southern States Insurance means you will have an insurance agent who is interested in your needs and your success. You will develop a relationship with your agent who is able to provide guidance and advice to help you save and be best protected.

    Our Georgia and Florida based insurance company loves to highlight our customers and publicize their recent accomplishments or news worthy announcements. We want to help you succeed even while everything is going well, not only in the event of a claim.

Recommended Coverages For Your Costal Restaurant

Now you understand the three things to be the biggest factor in deciding on your insurance, here are some recommended coverages to help you understand your risks and what we generally advise. Our agents take the time to understand your restaurant’s unique exposures and would love to help you be better insured against the risks you face.

Common Insurance Coverages For Costal Restaurant Policies

  • General Liability
  • Liquor Liability
  • Property Insurance
  • Business Income
  • Spoilage
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Automobile Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Life Insurance

Southern States Insurance Can Quote Your Restaurant In Minutes

We want to help your restaurant succeed and know your time is valuable. Let us do the work for you and shop your coverage with numerous carriers after just a few minutes of getting to better understand you and your restaurants unique risks.

We have learned good insurance is built on relationship and have continued to believe in our clients over the last 20 years.

Get a free restaurant insurance quote online and get to know your new insurance agent and learn how you can begin saving on insurance cost and hassle.

Sit down somewhere there is a great view of the water, relax, and let us help your restaurant succeed.