How Does Moving Apartments Affect Your Renters Insurance?

Moving is stressful. Your renters insurance policy¬†doesn’t have to be. There are a few things to keep in mind about your renters insurance moving with you and all your boxes.

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How long will my renters insurance stay in effect when moving into a new apartment?

When moving into another apartment, your renters insurance coverage will transfer with you to your new place. There is typically no limitation or exclusion in your coverage in your new principal residence for 30 days from the time you begin to move the property there.

Let your insurance agent know about your move as soon as possible. But you should be covered in your new apartment up to 30 days following the start of move-in.

Will I incur a penalty when I transfer renters insurance?

Your policy should remain in effect with no penalty for transferring your renters insurance. Although your premiums may be adjusted to appropriately cover you in your new apartment.

Your insurance agent will review the details of your new apartment and tailor your coverage for the best renters insurance policy for your circumstances. The new premiums could just as easily rise as fall.

It just depends on a few things:

  • Are you moving states?
  • Is the apartment in the suburbs or a city?
  • How close is the nearest fire department?

What if something happens to my personal property while I’m moving?

Does your renters insurance policy still cover your property?

Yes in most cases. But it depends on your specific policy.

Apartment renters insurance policies provide protection for your property no matter where it is in the United States. Some insurance carriers have coverage exclusions for property that is in route to a newly acquired property. But this is less common. And in most cases your renters insurance covers you. Contact your independent insurance agent to learn the details of your policy’s coverage.

Review Of Renters Insurance When Moving From An Apartment To Apartment

You have 30 days of coverage in your newly acquired residence from the time you begin to move property in, contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to transfer coverage to new location.

Your renters insurance policy remains intact with no penalty to transfer.

Your new apartment will likely see new premiums, which could either rise or fall after evaluating your new apartment/condo.

Your apartment renters insurance most likely provides protection for your personal property even during the move.


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Renters Insurance When Moving Into A New Home

If you’re moving into a house, your renters insurance policy is no longer necessary. Instead, you need to contact your insurance agent to cancel that policy and start a homeowners insurance policy. There should be no penalty to cancel and the policy is prorated so you can cancel anytime you want.

Now, for some great news. You should be eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance coverage. By having prior insurance, you are able to save money on your home insurance. You can typically save from 5% to 25% on your homeowners insurance depending on your claims history.

Review Of Renters Insurance When Moving From An Apartment To a House

You can cancel your renters insurance coverage at any time with out any penalty.

You are eligible for a discount on your homeowners insurance coverage by having prior renters insurance coverage.

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Renters insurance protects you from:

  • burglary
  • damage to your property
  • and pays for the cost of living if your apartment is uninhabitable due to damages.

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