Many police precincts have certain rules about when an off duty police officer acting as your security guard is covered for both general liability and workers compensation insurance. It is important to know exactly what the rules are for each off duty guard that you hire based on that guard’s particular precinct’s rules.

How Much Coverage Do They Have?

To what extent the security guard is covered is also important. Many police precincts will cover the guard’s actions and injuries while they work for others, but they will not defend the security guard company at all. They will only defend the guard’s specific interest in an event or claim.

Under this scenario, a security guard company relying solely on a police precinct to cover a claim can result in thousands of dollars of legal fees. As well, the precinct may try to deflect the liability or negligence back to the security guard company. The only way to make sure you have coverage is to have your own security company insurance covering you and the guards that you hire.

Example: Defense Costs

For example, if an off duty police officer tries to stop a criminal, or chase down a criminal, and in fact injures the criminal, his precinct may defend him and his actions. However, any good lawyer would not just sue the police officer, but also your security guard company as his employer at the time. So without an adequate security guard insurance policy in place protecting you, your company would be responsible for its own legal fees and any damages awarded that your security company is responsible for.


Defense Costs are a part of an insurance policy, so part of your premium goes toward paying attorneys to defend you in the event of a claim. These costs can be equal to or more than the actual claim settlement. Self insuring these defense costs can cripple your business in the event of a claim. So, don’t leave the responsibility for insuring off duty police officers up to someone else. Protect yourself.

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