The staffing industry is growing rapidly. And, with the job market being flooded with unemployed who are reliant on finding answers online our insurance agency expects the industry’s growth to accelerate. We believe with this understanding your staffing agency should be feeling a great amount of excitement coupled with a reasonable expectation of growing risks.

As you place more workers and grow your business your risk exposure directly will increase making it increasingly more valuable to have the proper staffing company insurance coverage in place.

A Popular Problem In Staffing Agency Insurance Coverages

The more staffing agency insurance we continue to write the more we are aware of a growing problem.

Errors in insurance coverage.

The blame can neither be placed directly on the insured or the insurer because the reality is many common insurance carriers aren’t able to best cover temporary or permanent staffing firms. To best cover a staffing firm it needs the proper protection against it’s uniquely specific risk exposures. If improperly insured, when your firm faces a law suit or claim the money you have been spending for coverage could be in vain and coverage not be able to protect you against loss.

This is very important to have done well in order for your business to succeed.

How Often Do You Shop Your Staffing Company’s Insurance?

Besides the inadequate coverage most insurance carriers are offering, our company is learning in today’s market it is rare for staffing companies to shop their insurance coverage as frequently as they should.

This hasn’t always been the case but it is now!

The Staffing Industry exists in a world today where law suits are a prevalent part of business. Because law suits are so popular and insurance companies are paying claims more often, carriers’ rates fluctuate. Shopping your Staffing Agency Insurance assures you are paying the cheapest price possible and are covered for all of the risks you face. Rates are likely going to continue to rise especially workers compensation insurance rates. It is increasingly important to shop your rates in order to save money and review your staffing company’s insurance policy.

Southern States Insurance’s Advantage In Price, Coverage and Service

As an independent insurance agency we work with numerous carriers of various sizes and shop your coverage needs with all of our carriers. This means you can find the unique coverage your staffing agency needs and can find it at the best price offered.

With our extensive experience in writing great insurance coverage we will not only pair you with the best coverage and price our wisdom can give in saving money and reducing risks. Our agents build a relationship with our clients and take the time to get to know them.

Southern States Insurance thrives as an insurance agency in these specific areas:

  1. Access to numerous markets and carriers to find best insurance coverage at the cheapest possible price.
  2. Years of insurance experience to offer good insurance advice, to reduce risks, save money and tailor coverages.
  3. Ability to provide personal service and build relationships with clients that last.

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You have nothing to lose, by letting us review your policy and learn if you have the proper coverage if you are paying the cheapest price, and what else your new agent is able to offer you. We love helping our clients succeed and the first step is requesting a free insurance quote online. Let’s start something good and protect your Staffing Company with good insurance coverage.

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