Gas stations and convenience stores are one of the most common places for accidents to occur. Auto accidents, fires, explosions, crime, slips, falls – they see them all. While fires and explosions may not happen all too frequently, there is still potential for some pretty serious mishaps.

VIDEO: Truck Wrecks Gas Station

Hazards That Affect Gas Station & Convenience Store Insurance

How often have you been to a gas station or convenience store and you’ve seen one or all of the following?

  • Uneven or broken flooring
  • Spills: water, oil, gasoline
  • Flickering or poorly lit areas
  • Broken or damaged pumps

All too often these sort of hazards can be found at gas stations and convenience stores, and are accidents just waiting to turn into personal or property injury claims. If you are unattentive to the needs of your customers, you might end up paying heavily for being negligent.

Preventative Tips

The owner or operator (you) of a gas station or convenience store is liable for the injuries that were caused by your negligence to the customers on your property. You have a duty to keep your business reasonably safe from anticipated hazards. If you do not have sufficient gas station and convenience store insurance, the damage can be detrimental to you business. Here is a checklist of things to do on a regular basis:

  • Add sufficient outdoor security such as cameras, fencing or chains
  • Check lighting and add more when necessary. Everything should always be visible
  • Repair all damaged equipment, especially broken gas nozzles
  • Consistently clean up all spills on the ground both inside and out

It’s important to make sure your liability insurance will cover all of these premise exceptions. While you can take all of the necessary preventative steps, accidents will still occur. Do yourself and your business a favor and take every possible precaution when it comes to premise liability. Bring your gas station or convenience store one step closer to complete insurance coverage with this endorsement.

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