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Don’t we all envy the ultimate coupon enthusiasts who leave the grocery store with everything they need for the next 3 months and pay $3.00? Sure such a level of coupon excellence is practically a full time job, but we have to admit that there are many different ways to save money on all facets of life, including your auto insurance.

Insurance is a hard product to shop smart for because the coverages and products can be extremely confusing. Consumers aren’t always aware of their needs and lack experience shopping for insurance.

We can help by giving you tips and practical advice on finding the best insurance for your automobiles.

Tips To Shop Smart When Buying Insurance

Tip #1 – Don’t Compare Your Price To A Friends

Insurance isn’t a very common ice breaker conversation or a popular topic while grabbing coffee with a friend, but when we are desperate in our search for cheaper insurance we want to know “Hey, how much does your car insurance coverage cost?”

The price of insurance varies based on numerous factors and assuming you are comparing apples-to-apples can lead to a dangerous belief and frustration with your current insurance.

Car insurance prices can vary significantly based on:

  • Where you live
  • Driving history
  • Credit ratings

Most commonly your current insurance cost and the cost you are comparing to are being influenced by factors you are unaware of, making one price seem unreasonable. Comparing prices without all the facts will likely lead to frustration with your coverage.

Tip #2 – Be Wiling To Put In Some Time

Finding good insurance isn’t hard work but you shouldn’t make your decision based on convenience.There are numerous insurance companies which focus on a short phone call or a minimal effort process.

Insurance is important. Insurance is what you rely on when the worst of circumstances become a reality. Putting in the effort to understand your coverage, have the proper coverage limits and insurance tailored to your needs is valuable and well worth the time.

Not to say shopping smart for insurance means making it a painful process, but that it is worth doing it well, over doing it quickly.

Tip #3 – Talk With An Insurance Agent You Can Trust

Insurance agents are paid on commission. They want to sell you an insurance policy.

How can you find an agent you can trust?

Some major insurance carriers pay their insurance agents commission on new business, but not on client renewal. As a client this means the agent’s focus is solely on obtaining your business and then as a client you are forgotten.

Ask. Learn what your agent plans to do for you through-out the policy period, beyond just providing a policy.

Independent insurance agencies represent numerous insurance carriers and can write coverage as well as provide an insurance agent who is personally invested in your success. With the right independent agency, you can couple the insurance coverage you need with a quality agent relationship that goes unmatched.

Tip #4 – Save From The Beginning When You Buy Car Insurance

When you are shopping for good car insurance coverage and having the discussion with an insurance agent on the cost of your coverage, mention ways to save!

There are ways to save on your auto insurance coverage you need to be made aware of before you purchase your policy and discuss possible discounts with your agent.

Too often people shop their insurance policy with out disclosing enough information to gain better rates. Or consumers agree to a coverage and after paying their insurance premiums for a couple months, seek out a way to lower the costs of their policy, when they could have been spending less from the beginning. Do it from the start!

What Does It Mean To Have The Best Car Insurance?

To put it simply, the best car insurance for you is when the coverage you need to keep your vehicle and finances protected at the lowest cost. The same is true with any product, we want exactly what we need at the lowest price.

Good protection protects three primary parties:

  1. You – the driver.
  2. Other passengers.
  3. Those injured involved in the accident – other driver, pedestrians, etc.

Good car insurance also provides protection on your vehicle for collisions and damages to property.

There are common misconceptions about good insurance coverage and one of them focuses on the false belief of having “all risk” coverage and believing you are covered against any peril. All risk car insurance coverage does not always mean your insurance will pay in the event of a claim the way some insureds believe.

Working with Southern States Insurance to find the best car insurance only benefits you.

Start a relationship with our insurance agency and learn if we can be a better insurance agency than the company you are currently with – sometimes we are and honestly sometimes we are not. Our insurance agency prides ourselves on being open and honest with our clients and works to make each customer feel comfortable enough to ask us any question to receive trustworthy insurance advice.

We would love to give you a free insurance quote, and talk with you to understand your exposures to risks. By giving us your basic contact information in the insurance quote form an agent will be in touch with you to discuss if our agency can be the best fit for your insurance needs. We save people money and help restore them to whole everyday.