Car with Money Quote BubbleIf you’ve been told you need SR22 insurance, you may be wondering what it is and where you can get it. Here, we’ll answer some of the common questions surrounding sr22 car insurance like what SR22 insurance is, how long you’ll be required to maintain it, and where you can purchase it.

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What Is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 insurance (or Financial Responsibility Insurance) is not an actual type of insurance policy, but rather a form or an electronic certificate required by the state in which you live. If you’ve been caught for any of the following, you’ll need to obtain an SR22 form through a qualified insurance carrier:

  • Driving without insurance
  • DUI or DWI
  • Suspended or revoked license
  • Getting too many traffic tickets in too short a period of time
  • Any other serious moving violation

Courts mandate that you obtain an SR22 form through an insurance carrier. If you were caught driving without insurance, you’ll need to purchase your state’s minimum auto liability insurance requirements and let your insurance carrier know you need them to file an SR22 form for you. They’ll file this form with your state’s DMV, letting them know you have the appropriate insurance in place, at which time your suspended or revoked drivers license can be reinstated. Forms are usually filed for car owners, but non owner sr22 insurance is also available.

How Long Is An SR22 Form Required?

You may as well get used to having your SR22 form for a while, because most states mandate that it stay on file for three years. State requirements vary, so check with your Department of Motor Vehicles to verify time limits. If your auto insurance cancels for any reason during the period of time you are required to maintain an SR22 form, your insurance carrier is required to notify your state’s DMV immediately, upon which time your license will be suspended or revoked until you can provide proof of insurance again and file another SR22 form.

Where Can I Get SR22 Insurance Quotes?

Most independent insurance agents have access to a variety of insurance carriers who can give you an sr22 insurance quote with state minimum liability requirements and file an SR22 form with your state’s DMV. Just be prepared for your car insurance rates to increase significantly if you need an SR22 form. Plus, there will likely be a fee just to file the SR22.

How Much Will SR22 Insurance Cost?

Cheap sr22 insurance is hard to come by. Because each state government puts a high value on safe driving, they’ve got to make it painful for you when you exhibit dangerous driving behavior. Plus, insurance companies naturally reward good driving behavior with credits and punish poor drivers by raising their insurance rates. If you’re required to purchase sr22 auto insurance, the insurance carrier you choose knows that you have blemishes on your record, and they will price your policy accordingly. So, in short, no, sr22 insurance cost will always be higher than if you didn’t have to file an sr22 form.

State Specific Requirements

Below are links to select state DMV websites that offer information about their requirements for sr22 insurance and the sr22 insurance form:

SR22 Insurance California

SR22 Insurance Colorado

SR22 Insurance Georgia

SR22 Insurance Illinois

SR22 Insurance Washington State

SR22 Insurance Wisconsin


If you’ve been caught driving without car insurance or been stopped for a serious moving violation, you’ll probably need to buy SR22 insurance. This can be a very stressful situation. But now you know what SR22 insurance is, how long you’ll need it, and where to buy it. Give us a call at 888-800-4824 to get an SR22 insurance quote today.