Shocking Statistics On Teen Driving and Some Good News On What Teens Are Doing Well!

According to the U.S. Censes Bureau, Americans spend on average of more than 100 hours a year commuting to work.

  • It is estimated 500-1000 hours a year are spent in a car.

If you are on the upper end of that spectrum because of commute, traffic, number of errands or other factors – 1000 hours is equivalent to more than 41 days!

Consider This Perspective

For 41 days of your life every year you are moving at high speeds with the chance at any moment something could go wrong.

Cars have made great strides in safety, but the reality is driving is dangerous. We spend so much time on the roads it is easy to forget how dangerous the roads really are.

Teenagers are getting behind the wheel with little experience and are entering a battlefield. Our Insurance Company wants to share the statistics below not to scare young drivers or their parents, but to humble new drivers about the realities of the roads. We can help you find cheaper insurance for teenager drivers but we would rather them learn safer habits.

We all need to take driving more seriously and understand the risks we are continually exposed to.

Scary Statistics On Teen Driving

The risks of driving are prevalent to all of us every day, but we want to highlight the numbers on new drivers to open up their eyes to what they are getting into. Below we share tips and ways to stay safe and hope more teens take their time on the road seriously after reading these numbers.

  • Car crashes are the number one cause of teen deaths in the U.S.
  • Teens have the highest chance of having a fatal crash within the first six months of getting their driver’s license.
  • 53% of teen deaths in fatal accidents occurred on the weekends and 41% occurred between 9 pm and 6 am.
  • Teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a crash during their first year of driving.
  • 55% of teens killed in car crashes weren’t using their seat belts.

Those numbers aren’t easy to face, but are the reality of the roads. How can you be a safer driver and what can you do if you have a teen driver in your home?

Influencing Factors To Safer Driving

How can we change those numbers? How do we do everything possible to be sure we or someone we love doesn’t fall into one of those terrible statistics?

  1. Eliminate Distracted Driving! – In 2010, 3,092 people were killed — and an estimated 416,000 injured — in crashes involving a distracted driver. With a growing reliance on phones and technology that number has potential to rise.

Talk with your teen! 66% of teenage drivers say they car about their parents opinion on cell phone usage while driving.

  • Parents Influence! – 55% of teens say they depend on their parents for driving instruction. Parents today need to be wiling to sacrifice time to tach their children safe driving habits and good skills.

Buy A Phone Holder For Your Teen’s Car

Many states now have laws against texting and driving or distracted driving. And if you live in one of those states, you likely can’t support your mobile phone or device with any part of your body. Whether you live in one of these states or not, consider buying your teen driver a phone holder for their car.

We understand we only listed two positive influencing factors to change your teenage driver’s habits, but they are two factors we believe are most manageable and can make the biggest change. If new drivers could both eliminate distracted driving and spend more time with their parents teaching them to drive, we believe we would see dramatically lower statistics for teen accidents and fatalities.

Some Good News! What Teenage Drivers Do Well!

Our insurance agency hopes to highlight the risks teenage drivers face and also emphasis some good. Teenage drivers do somethings very well and they deserve to be praised.

Over the last ten years the amount of drunk driving has decreased and the amount of seatbelt use has increased. This is an encouraging statistic to uncover and a great direction to continue.

Find Good Insurance Rates For Teenage Drivers

When shopping for the best insurance for your teen, it helps to have some professional wisdom. Our insurance agency is an independent insurance agency which can be extremely beneficial while looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers.

An independent insurance agency quotes your coverage needs with numerous insurance carriers to find you the best price available for your circumstances. Teen drivers are expensive to insure because their is such a high chance they will be in an accident their first years on the road. Hopefully, by sharing our advice and statistics on teen drivers you can help your teen stay safe.

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