As a handyman you will encounter daily dangers while on the job. One could say that it is just part of your job-description , but working with power tools and in an uncontrolled environment is a mixture for disaster. Having workers compensation is a must when it comes to creating your handyman insurance policy. It will help cover medical expenses in the event that you are injured on the job.

Work-Related Accidents That Are Most Likely To Occur

Since we know that accidents are bound to happen as a handyman, it is important to know where they are most likely to occur. Most of your jobs will include the usage of power tools, heavy lifting, maybe even the usage of ladders or electrical wires. The following is a list of where you are mostly likely to encounter a work-related injury:

1. Table Saw

  • Kickback: This is a dangerous table saw accident that results when cutting a board to length using the fence as a guide. Boards will get pinched between the blade and fence, and then be forcibly thrown back onto your body. This can result in broken thumbs, cracked ribs or other internal injuries. To avoid this outcome, you should never cut wet, bowed or twisted lumber. Also make sure your body is positioned to the right or to the left of the blade, never directly behind it.
  • Blade Guard: One of the most important features of your table saw is the blade guard. Many are tempted to remove this part of the saw because it can seem like it gets in the way of the saw’s performance. However, DO NOT under any circumstance remove this guard! This is what prevents you from accidentally touching the blade, and without it you can easily lose fingers. You might want to consider purchasing a saw that automatically shuts off upon contact with skin.

2. Nail Gun

  • Hand Safety: Did you know that wood grain and knots can deflect the nail or cause it to shoot out of the side of the board? When using a nail gun it is important that you keep you hands away from the area that you are applying the nail to. If you must hold onto the object with a free hand, be sure to keep it as far away as possible from the area of projection.
  • Being Sloppy: For Heaven’s sake, don’t be sloppy with the nail gun! Many nail guns operate on a “bump-trip” system, meaning when they touch an object they will easily go off! A tool powerful enough to shoot a nail through wood, most certainly will go through skin and bone! And it’s not just your hands that are at risk, but your legs, arms and even head! These injuries can be fatal!

3. Eye Safety

  • Safety Goggles: When completing any job as a handyman, you should always wear safety goggles or a face shield. There are a number of things that can penetrate your eyes such as wood chips, metal shards, tile pieces, chemicals, solvents etc. You should wear approved safety gear that is rated for high impact. That way your eyes will be protected in most circumstances. You should also be sure to have a few pairs on hand in different locations, that way you have one handy whenever you need it!

4. Knives

  • Box Cutters: This might seem like an accident that is unlikely to happen as a handyman (more likely for a chef?), but knife accidents account for 60,000 estimated ER visits yearly. Box cutters and other knifes are often used in handyman jobs and are extremely dangerous. Sometimes the wounds are superficial, but often they require stitches and can even cause tendon and nerve damage. Be sure to clamp materials whenever possible to avoid holding them with bare hands. It isn’t always possible to use a clamp, but you should try to exercise as much caution as possible.

Since you see how easy it is to get injured as a handyman, you now realize why workers compensation insurance is vital to your well being. Workers comp can help with medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and event disability; Regardless of the severity of your work-related injury, it will help!

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