In this digital age, practically everything we do is done electronically. Due to this fact, more safety risks have popped up over the years for businesses who use electronic files and complete transactions online. But did you know that small businesses are just as much at risk as big corporations, if not MORE at risk?

Why Would Your Small Business Be Targeted?

You might feel that your small business is not at risk, but did you know that according to the U.S. Secret Service & Verizon Communications nearly 72% of all online attacks were targeted at small or medium sized businesses? So what puts your small business at such great risk?

Generally speaking, small businesses do not prioritize digital security in relation to bigger companies. So your company is left unprotected, like a sitting duck, making it an easy target for hacks. Many attacks can be thwarted through placing a higher importance on data security practices such as:

  • Password Protection
  • Email Spam Filters
  • Conducting a PEN Test

How To Protect Your Small Business

It is important to be educated and up to date on the ways you can protect your business, such as preventative measures like password protection and spam filters. There is also an effective Cyber Planner you can find at This tool can help you make a list of what digital information you do have, and help you decide who does and does not have access to it.

Also, perhaps one of the most important things you can do to ensure the safety of your small business is to actually carry Cyber Liability Insurance. This type of risk is not covered under a general liability policy, which is why having a unique policy is necessary. It will help in the event that there is a security breach, data is compromised and a claim is made. It can also help you with legal fees that might occur as a result of a breach.