Security Guard Insurance: 3 Cases For Professional Liability

security guard insurance: officer with handcuffsHaving professional liability insurance for security companies is comparable to malpractice coverage for doctors and lawyers. This coverage is essential to your continued success.

Professional liability offers protection for claims made against you for actions or inactions which result in someone else being injured.

Why is it so important to add Professional Liability to a security guard insurance policy? Let’s take a look at three reasons.

1. False Arrest

If a security guard wrongfully detains someone and that person has not been injured, a standard General Liability insurance policy may not offer any coverage. The only way to cover any claims arising out of wrongful detention or false arrest is to include a Professional Liability policy with your security company insurance.

2. Damage To Client’s Property

If a security guard allowed a truck into a warehouse, and thieves were in the truck, professional liability insurance can provide the coverage you need to protect your security company. Let us assume that the security guard did everything they were supposed to do, check the driver’s license and the access list, but they did not detect the thieves.

Any damage the thieves caused would be covered under the Professional Liability policy, as the guard himself did not actually cause any damage.

3. Assault and Battery

Let’s imagine that a security guard company has a foot patrol schedule. The foot patrol is late on their round, and someone is attacked or assaulted. The victim can sue the guard company and allege that “IF ONLY” the security guard was on his normal schedule, the attack would never have happened.

This again would not be covered by General Liability, but it would be covered by the Professional Liability on your security company insurance policy. It is easy to quickly see the value of adding professional liability to your coverage.

The #1 Reason Why You Need To Add Professional Liability To Your Security Guard Insurance

General Liability policies can have exclusions that do not cover the actual work that a security guard does. Professional Liability is the best way to make sure there are no coverage gaps in your security guard insurance policy.

You need the best insurance agency to meet your needs for security guard insurance coverage. Our agents help protect security companies all over the country.

Professional Liability is a must for security companies insurance plan.

Our Workers Compensation and General Liability programs are designed for firms with more than $100,000 in annual payroll. Our General Liability programs Include a $1 million limit and start at $5,000 in annual premium in most states.

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